Hi, my name is Dominik.
I love travelling and to create things to simplify life.

Upcoming Projects


The Swiss pharmaceutical drug compendium. A collection information containing specialist and patient information, medicaments and active substances - wrapped in an user friendly mobile app.

Soon available for Android in Google Play Store!

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kompendium kompendium


An App, perfect for when you play board games with your Friends.

Score Board

You can write down game scores or use dicing tools. The generating players feature allows you to quickly start a game, if you don't feel to enter every players name.

1 VS 1

This board is meant for two players or teams to easy update their scores.
The improved dicing feature allows you to choose from a 4 sided dice to up to a 20 sided dice, while the history shows your previous actions, so you always keep track on what happened.

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gambly gambly

Lil Helper

I created this app to keep my ideas and todos sorted and available.
It's also really useful for shopping lists, so nothing goes by.

Screen size can be an issue, so I built the user interface for good accessibility. As for the visual aspekt and bether orientation, there are customizable views, wehere group images can be changed.

One of the more early Apps and not supported anymore.

lil helper homescreen lil helper group view